Printed soft even if symmetrical

Hello all!

I printed this miniature in maximum quality. I even printed in symmetrically in orientation and I even took the time to make the support symmetrical. Problem is if you look closely, you can see the his right arm and leg is softer/blurrier than the left side.

Can someone explain why?

Any idea anyone?

Like I just told you on Skype (it’s more for other users), it is probably your resin tank which is worn out. As soon as it becomes really cloudy, it will prevent the laser to do properly its job. The first thing I would try would be to change the resin tank.

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For printing small parts I would first try to look at the dashboard or the tank to see if there are spots that a cleaner, and try printing in that area. That is if you want to push your tanks as long as possible. In my job I often straight replace the tank as it costs more to spend an hour looking for a new area, move it in preform, relaunch the print with the risk of ending up with the same results… than paying a new tank.

Super thanks for the info!

It could be the slope is too low in those areas so the resin is collecting and exposing as it does on support side. Try running the character with the legs up at 30-45 degrees.
Make sure your on a nice clear area on your tank.

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