Printed on tank bed

I’ve checked my heat map in the Materials section of my dashboard, typically, this time I didnt. But it went through the entire print and seemed to affix maybe a 2mm thick bed on the bottom of my resin tank, and nothing was stuck on the metal print bed at all.

Is this because I left the print in the middle, where its most dark on the heat map image? I rrreaaallly wish upon wishes that this heat map visual/tech could be integrated somehow into preform. Obviously the beginnings of it is there so it knows trouble areas.

For the first couple of layers of a print, the platform is compressed into the tank to improve adhesion between the platform and part. If there’s a bit of a gap between the tank and platform, the part can stick to the tank rather than the platform. The easiest way to correct this is to use the ‘Z fine tuning’ feature under settings. Iterate downwards by 0.3mm or so at a time until parts are adhering properly. Tank clouding can play a part in non-adherence so if Z fine tuning doesn’t seem to be working and your tank is showing some clouding, it might be time to swap out for a new one.

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If the tray is worn too much then something like that is possible where the print could have trouble separating from the tray

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I am really hoping its just the tray is worn. Thank you both for the info!

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