Print tray pelling


Did anyone else encountered a situation where’s the print tray black paint is cracked and peeling?


You asking about the Resin Tray or the Build Plate?


@Walter_Gillespie Build Plate


Never had an issue like that and I’m running two machines swapping out 4 build plates.

I didn’t think there was any paint on them. Thought it was all black plastic.


Not only it is painted metal, it cracked and leaving paint fragments in the resin tray.


Well, I’d contact FormLabs Tech on that.

Still, after 5 years of using these machines I have never seen this.


Maybe mine is defected. Thanks Walter


Yes, Submitted a ticket 2 weeks ago. They sent a replacement. I have a second one that is cracking and have not heard back on getting a replacement for that one. My is cracking where the 2 inserts are located. the rest of the build plate is pristine. The paint falls off in the resin causing failure. I should have asked about replacing some of the resin.


Thank you Jundie, good to know they are taking responsibility.


I don’t have a Form 2, but if the Form2 build plate is the same as the For 1, there’s nothing to “peel”, I mean it’s not painted, it’s injection molded in black plastic.


Not in the Form 2 case. It is metal and only the top (the connector) is plastic @Dudemeister


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