Print Error code: 29

What is the problem?
Print Error code: 29

It’s oftentimes easiest with specific error codes to reach out to the support team directly as they’ll be best equipped to figure out the cause of the error. There are a few things that you can do to help get this figured out as quickly as possible. Providing your firmware and PreForm version is a big help and you can also upload diagnostic logs by navigating to settings -> Printer Info -> Upload Diagnostic Logs. Hope this helps!

Thank you for your prompt reply.
My machine is a form 2
Software Version 2.6.1

These messages are helpful?

Thank you

If you could open a ticket with our support team, they’ll be best equipped to help. The firmware version can actually be found by going to the Firmware Update section on your printer. Let me know if you have any trouble!

I will submit a request to the support team.
Thank you for your reply.

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