Print defects


I have printed tensile test specimens, but I have noticed some print defects that occurs. Do someone have expirience of these types of print defects?

The first one is an “offset” that occurs where the supportmaterial touches. This offset will make stress concentrations when i clamp it in the tensile machine. I have tried to make a 3d-model so its more easy to understand (exaggerated). The offset is small, but you can feel it with your fingers. Also one got a huge offset of about 1mm.


The second one is this:

Can anyone help?

How did you orient the part?

Depending on orientation relative to the wiper, the part might flex during printing. This can cause a layer shift as soon as a support point is connected. I’d try to re-orient this part and print it at 45 degree angle from the wiper movement.

The parts are oriented both 0 and 40 degrees angle from the buildplatform. The orientation from the wiper movement is both 0 and 90 degrees.

Attached photo shows the orientation:

Can you explain why the layer shift occours because of the support point?