Print being shifted on the x-axis during print

I’ve been doing a couple of prints on the old Form 1 printer again.

There are two prints in the image below:
The print to the left looks like it’s shifted to the right half way trough. The print to the right looks like it’s first shifted to the left and then right again to align it where it originally was.

After these two prints I did a print of another model and it came out OK. Is this is something common that others have experienced as well? Does anyone know what the cause is?

Hello Mattiasr.
Please reach out to us via ticket so we may investigate the cause of this if you are still experienced it.
You can reach out here.
Have a good one!
Formlabs Support

Thanks Alina for your involvement. I feel like it’s not a big enough issue to raise a support ticket. Because I have other prints that are 100% successful.

There´s probably nothing wrong with the equipment, just that there’s something about how to print that I need to learn.

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That’s perfectly fine. You can also always reach out to us via chat.

Have a good one!

Inconsistency in the resin and/or a fog spot on tank may cause this. Make sure your resin is mixed well and don’t worry about bubbles since they get squished out.

Thanks! I’m using transparent resin. Do you think it’s still important to mix it?

Yes, even though there are no pigments the resins can settle and more so as they ages. Year old + clear resin will actually look marblized in the tank and be milky when mixed but still prints perfectly. Unmixed the prints have variationss

This could be it then. The resin is getting old actually!

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