PreForm - Wrong site of building platform


someone noticed that the orientation of the objects in the PreForm viewport is different from the real position in the building area.

Well, obviously we see the pieces upside down… but the problem is an other: sometimes, random, if I move the pieces on side (eg.) right, they are printed on the back side. If I place them on front side, tehy are printed on left… and so on. Other times, all works fine.



Errata corrige: the title should be “PreForm - Wrong SIDE of building platform”.

Sorry for the typing error.


Hello Mattia,

You’re right in observing that the build-platform and the viewport on our software are not symmetric – but it is not random. Are parts changing places even if you print them in the same place?

Another Form 1 user made this helpful little chart. We’re looking at some good ways of integrating that information into the UI.


Hello Sam,

I had the problem 1 time on 5 (more or less). I start the software and place the pieces where I know will be printed…then I see teh machine print it in other side.

I will try to pay more attention and check if the error is mine or of the software. Thanks for the reply, If problems happen again I will post here.

Thanks and regards,