PreForm Workflow is in need of Improvement

I have raised my concerns about the user interface 2 years ago, when going from 3.19 to 3.20, workflow got worse and then was improved slightly but IMO still not good enough.

What would drastically improve it? Add a new Workspace setting! This workspace would allow you to quickly select the printer, resin (3-4 most recently used), and thickness, without the need to go to a separate job setup page. See the attached image to see what I mean.

Hi @philippemdt,

Thank you so much for reaching out with recommendations for PreForm; we always love to hear user feedback as we strive to make improvements as time goes on. You can also submit feedback in a more direct way by going to Help > Give Feedback in PreForm. Although we can’t guarantee that we can act on every piece of feedback that we receive, we do review and take them into account.