Preform - takes forever to start up

Hi Community,

our OS is Windows 10 Professional and Preform takes forever to open up.
We tried to solve this issue without success.
Reinstalling Windows didn’t help. Deleting Avira anti virus software didn’t help. Running Preform on a separate system without any other software on it didn’t help.

Is this an Formlabs issue?

Best regards

For what it’s worth on my system PreForm takes about 10 seconds to start up.

Win 7
6 Core 4.8Ghz CPU
OS and Preform installed on an SSD
16GB ram
Beefy GPU

EDIT : to be clear, this personally doesn’t bother me. I don’t think 10sec to open up is “forever”. It’s definitely on the long side of things but I have never said to myself that preforms take forever to load nor have I never been upset or disturbed by it.

For reference

Windows 10 Pro
i7 4770 @ 3.4ghz
Quadro K1200
32 GB ram (PF uses ~200MB)

8 seconds

Same experience here - its very slow to open (8 Seconds), and is often quite slow to generate supports.

AMD Ryzen 16 core 4.Ghz

128Gb Memory

NVida Quadro 1200 Graphics card

System running on Samsung 860Pro SSD 1TB

Autocad opens in less than 1 second - in fact the slowest program on the system is Prefprm

(Win10 Pro)

I’ve noticed it taking slightly longer than usual to open up. From fresh and from STL file.
I think it started around the update before last, but i’m not certain.

Supports don’t take any longer than they did on my end, but I never really counted :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

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