PreForm support shape change at contact point with CW40?!?

I need to print some jewelry parts in CW40 (the purple castable wax causing problem to some casting company not willing to follow the burnout schedule properly… I guess ) and I realized that the shape of the support at the contact point is not rounded but has a weird rectangular shape!!! what’s the point of this? Is it supposed to be easier to clean?? Depending on the details at the contact point, this specifi cshape will make it very difficult to render.

Is there a way to use the classic rounded contact point with the new CW4?

Thanks a lot!


In recent versions of Preform I noticed bracing structures between supports have rectangular cross sections too.

A square cross section resists bending better than a round one.

ok but how about the printability of specific details like rounded shape supported by a square contact point?!
Seems counter productive to me or it’s just me?
And why specifically for this resin?

Draft v2 also has these squared off supports.

A square contact point of the same overall dimensions as a circular contact point has more surface area at the contact point. So for example, a 0.4mm circular contact point has 0.12 sq mm of surface area. A 0.4mm square contact point has 0.16mm of contact area. That’s 33% more contact area for the same feature size…

Hello Everyone, I’m Pat D and am in charge of the jewelry vertical here at Formlabs. Yes, the support tips are squared as opposed to our earlier rounded tips. This is due to the softness of the material and needing to give the prints extra support as to not run into more print failures. CW40 is so soft it needs this for now while we work on making alterations to give you more user-friendly tips for designs with micro pave or other really small details where the squared tip may not work. We are working on this I can assure you.

For any of you on FaceBook, I have started a group for jewelry and casting help.