Draft V2 Support Tip Shape

I just ran my first print on my 3L with Draft V2. I hadn’t used Draft before on the F3, but want to use it on the 3L since the speed increase would be very significant on large models.

I noticed the support shape was different. Running at 0.3mm, I also noticed these supports were way harder to remove than similar 0.3mm touchpoints in Black or Clear.

Just wondering if anyone can comment on why the shape here is different and what others think. I think I would prefer the standard touchpoint shape, as it seems like the standard shape is much easier to remove given the same nominal touchpoint size.

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Those contacts look like some kind of pixelated video game.

Do they normalize to make the contact area the same regardless of whether the shape is round or square? e.g. If you pick 0.3mm diameter touchpoints, a circle would be 0.07mm in area, which means the rectangle should be around 0.2mm x 0.35mm. If not, they ought to.

Apparently for CW40 the squared tips are intended to be temporary. I wonder if they’re temporary here, too? I’d love to get some more info from Formlabs on the rationale behind the rectangular touchpoints and advantages/disadvantages they saw during testing.

Hard to tell TBH - but even if they have the same surface area, they can still be harder to remove in one direction than the other.

I punted this question to my contacts at FL so we’ll see what they come back with!

I asked the same here, but didn’t get an answer…, only that they were normal.
It wasn’t my experience that they were particularly difficult to remove, I think that are easier to remove than the round ones for Draft V1

I typically drop support sizes to 0.3 or 0.4 and the cylindrical shapes peel incredibly easily at those values.

It’s possible that at those low sizes, this new shape peels worse, but peels better relatively for larger sizes.