More control over Preform joints

hi, i would like to make a suggestion on a preform skill.
I am a goldsmith, I mold my drawings with a form2 and castable wax resin 40, I noticed this happening in the preform: in the preform you can decide the size of the junction point between the support and the model, this is expressed in mm and drawn in the interface as a sphere, very useful and easy to use, but, as soon as the positioning of the supports is finished, the software generates the supports with a rectangular end larger than the dimensions chosen at the start for the contact point. Now, this is not a big problem, but I noticed that the parallelepiped that joins the support to the model is oriented in one direction only, and without any control on my part to decide in which direction to apply it. It sometimes happens that different media would have the best direction in other ways but the software does what it wants.

It would be very useful to have a forecast of how the support will generate the parallelepiped connecting the support and the model and to be able to decide its positioning, so as to be able to position the contact points.

This would be very useful especially for those designs that have many thin parts forming a specific design.

I hope you will implement such a feature soon that will give me more control over the junction point.


Looks like Formlabs are not going to answer this. Shame, because your suggestion is very good and I would love to see this happen.

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