Preform scaling problem


I’ve created a simple model using Sketchup Pro, but when loading the model in to the prefrom program, it has to scale my model 1333x it’s original size…

The model itself (according to Sketchup) is 11.5mm wide, so it shouldn’t be a problem to print. However, if I scale it back to “1”, the model isn’t visible unless you fully soom in to 1 square in the program.

I’ve got a few images to help understand what my problem is. hopefully one of you is able to point me in the right direction.

Thank you!
Alex Vermeer

In what units is Sketchup exporting the STL file? My hunch is meters…try using mm or inches instead

Thanks Craig,

I didn’t export the file as an .stl, but as an .obj. That was the problem. I exported it as an .stl and now it’s the exact measurements!

Much appreciated!

Sketchup is a very much under rated product. I use it for everything at the moment and it works great.

The Ruby plugin for exporting to STL is strongly recommended at all times. I saw a similar problem when using other techniques a while back sending parts for SLS printing.

Lesson learnt!