Preform printability differs between computers

I’m getting quite frustrated by Preform giving me very different outcomes/results. I have setup an enclosure design at home in preform; checking for issues, modifying supports etc and achieve printability then save. I then take the same file to work using the same version of Preform to be given completely different results! I had achieved printability in the version at home then suddenly red hues appear at work. The material setup is the same on each Preform used. Why is this inconsistency happening?

Don’t worry about the red markings, if you place supports in a way that makes sense (put points on unsupported islands and then on areas to give stability) then it’ll be fine. The red markings aren’t a good representation of how well the print will turn out.

Are both of these on the same PreForm version? Most functions of the printability checker are deterministic and shouldn’t vary between machines. As @Zachary_Brackin mentioned, the printability warning can be safely bypassed in cases where you’re confident that the print will succeed.

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