Bug in Pre form SW

This has been posted by others but from I can see there was no resolution.

Issue: Pre form “printability” shows that the proposed print setup is good. However, if you close the file and open up again, it will show red and the “printability” will show the “!” sign. But, if you make any changes and hit the printability again, the red will go away. So, I now need to keep closing and re-opening the part files to see if red shows up.

Why is this happening? The printability checking feature is not working correctly.

I am running 2.11.1

Yes this is the same bug I ran into as well. I went back and forth with @BenFrantzDale and @mgarrity and none of us could reproduce it. Seems it has reared its ugly head again!

Thanks for letting us know. I’ve made sure to forward this to our software team and we’ll look into it.

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