New Preform 2.14.0 - all jobs not printable?

Hey Formlabs User,
i just installed the new preform update 2.14.0.
While all the new features sound really cool i got a problem here.

All Jobs are shown to me now as “not printable”.
It doesnt matter if i reload a old preform file or if i create the support structure new to use the new base. All areas on the model itself art not “red” or “orange” - so there are no areas which are not supported.

But the software always show to me - model not printable?
Anyone else noticed this problem?


Do you see a red badge on “Show Minima” in the printability flyout? Did you turn on the toggle switches to highlight unsupported minima?

56 AM

Turn the toggle on and look closely - you may have tiny unsupported minima.

If the minima are really small, you can print without much worry. But ideally everything would be supported. Otherwise that area will get lased but will just be a piece of cured resin floating around in the tank.

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ahhh great - thank you very much!
Problem is solved :slight_smile:

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