Preform match scaling to existing object

I have an object in preformed that i have scaled and im happy with the scaling. I want to bring a similiar object into preform and i need to exactly match the scaling of the second object to the scale of the first object. How do i do this please?

Right click on the first object -> duplicate
Right click on the duplicate -> replace
point to 2nd file

This will replace the stl file of the first model with the 2nd one, keeping orientation and scaling identical.

Also works when you have supports, but obviously only works when parts are almost identical. If the replacement part is different I would recommend removing the supports before replacing as it will save some time otherwise spend re-calculating the supports.

I will give this a try, many thanks

Its worked really well, in my case i could miss the first step as i was replacing the original with the new object. Thanks again.

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Yeah the first step if when you want to print several parts at once while keeping the scaling. Glad it helped :wink:

A totally different topic, do you know why the form 2 print accuracy seems to be so far out, my prints generally take 50% longer than what the machine says?

Everybody’s print takes a lot longer than the machine says, it’s just one of the quirks of the technology.

It’s a known issue, look up “formlabs forum print time accuracy” on google, there’s quite a lot of threads on this subject.

I wouldn’t say its a quirk of the technology, rather a quirk of the Form2 due to Formlabs choices, which they could deal with if they allocate time and ressources to solve it. I guess it’s just not a priority for them.