PreForm can't find Form 2?

I haven’t printed in a couple months, and PreForm let me know it needed an update. When I downloaded the software, it gave me a dialog box, telling me that my model could only be printed on a Form 3…

When trying to select a printer, NO FORM 2 option shows up. I need to print tonight…anyone know how to fix this? My printer is on, connected to the internet, and showed up just fine on the previous version of PreForm.

Okay, never mind! That’s not a good interface “feature” in my humble opinion. I guess the default under the “Filter” popdown is Form 3—this should at least have both checked so it finds any printer on the network, whether it’s a Form 2 or Form 3.

I didn’t think I needed to filter anything, so I never even checked that option. As soon as I clicked the popdown and checked Form 2, my precious little CurlyBee showed up. Woohoo!

Hello, little CurlyBee…I’ve missed you!