PreForm 3.3.0 Raft Label bug

Reducing raft thickness in 3.3.0 to less than default 2mm (i commonly use 1.25) makes the raft label protrude through the raft edge and face downwards as well as upwards. This, in turn, causes the minima detection to go crazy, because each of those letters is - well - a minima.

I guess no one at Formlabs changes the raft thickness, so this flew under the QA radar.


Thanks for the report. We’ll get it fixed.

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Ouch. Good catch, thanks for reporting!

A minimum*

(In my defense, 't was late.)


Thanks for reporting this. We just pushed a 3.3.1 release that has the fix for this one.


Awesome! That was fast!

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The problem already fixed in the latest software