Preform 2.4.0 and Form2 FW 1.5.7 available

I really like the new Form2 FW 1.5.7 UI look!

Seems that the Form2 display sleep feature is now gone or broken. Plus the Mac version of Preform 2.4.0 is failing to download from S3.

Hi Marty_Castilla,

I am glad that you like the new UI. The sleep feature is there, the mechanism to trigger it changed though. If you press the hardware button and hold it for around 1 sec, then it will go to the sleep screen. Hope this helps!

Yes, it’s there, I just needed to hold the button. :smile:

I’m now able to download the mac version.

Anyone successful in seeing or using the materials manager function?

I don’t see it!


You should see the Materials Manager function now available at This was just released, so it may not have been visible on previous visits to your Dashboard. Check it out and please let us know what you think in the Feature Requests and Ideas section. We’re eager to continue building Dashboard.

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