Preform 1.5.2: How to delete all supports to start over?

Once auto-support generation is done, is there a way in preform to delete all supports to essentially start over?

Or is there a way to multi-select many supports at a time to delete in clusters?

Manually deleting extra supports (especially after auto-generation creates a hugely dense mesh of supports) can take 5-10 minutes.

For context, I am deleting auto-generated supports and observing the change (if any) in red-shading to determine how critical those supports were to the structure. Many auto-generated supports seem unnecessary, based on this type of analysis. This seems especially true for internal supports. Adding supports completely manually (or even just internal supports) seems to be a fairly fast process and can eliminate quite a bit of extra supports. This assumes that the redshading is relatively correct.

Any advice on this approach, and if there are short cuts that I am missing?

Thank you!


PS here are some pics showing no supports, manual supports, auto-supports. Note the volume difference is 3X (it would be great to know if the manual approach is valid… the cost savings seems worthwhile)

To remove all the supports you can go to the Orientation tab and tilt it back and forth 1 degree. This will remove all the supports. You might want to play with the flat-spacing setting or slope factor setting under Advanced. That does look pretty crazy.