A way to disable automatic support generation

I accidentally hit “one click print button” after spending about a half an hour manually adding supports. I quickly cancelled it but I didn’t realize it had regenerated all my supports arrrgh! A 7 hour print and most of the pieces were trash. How can I configure Preform to never, ever generate supports on it’s own?

I can’t imagine there is a way to get rid of that. Frustrating, sorry for your trouble. Only advice can be to check that next time before you send to printer and use CTRL+Z.

Always save your print right after generating supports manually. Even if you’re not completely done. This way you have some kind of restore point saved if there is a problem.

you could always build supports in your models then select no supports when you bring it in

Oh it was saved, I just didn’t realize the hitting the the “one click” button and then cancelling would change the supports.

If you clear the supports don’t save after the problem. If you pull in the form file that was saved last it will have the supports from before.

Yikes, ctrl-z (cmd-z for macs) does work as an undo button in PreForm. Hopefully you had a good restore point with your save!

Yes I could have used undo, IF I had known it had been done! How about a warning that pops up when you hit the “one click” button", some thing like this:

DANGER - This will replace all existing supports with completely useless ones, are you sure you want to proceed?