Create support exclusion zone

Ive made some parts with a bit of text on one surface (1.2 mm deep text grooves), and then some simple fixing clamps above.this plane surface. I’d really like if you could tell Preform NOT to put any support starts directly in the letters, instead try bridging the area you have marked as “untouchable”. :slight_smile:


I agree that this would be a nice feature.

Under support editing you can rotate the part view and draw a box around the unwanted supports to remove them. Then manually add if a few strategic supports are required.

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That’s what the manual supports are for, 99% of the time you should be doing manual supports and orientation anyway.


I only use the ‘Quick Print’ feature to get an idea what PreForm thinks will work; then I accept it and adjust from there or scrap it and start from scratch.

Preform isn’t bad; but it could use a lot of improvements that I won’t list here.

I came here to make the same suggestion. I often need pristine edges that just so happen to be the edges that get the automatic supports.

That really depends on the kind and size of the parts you are printing. I couldn’t live without automatic support generations for 99% of my parts : while I always tweak the results, it would take an unreasonable amount of time to manually add all the support needed.

I’d rather have a good print result, which usually means doing it manually, the automatic support points just doesn’t do a good job