One click remove all supports

I really enjoy most of the improvements made to the Preform software.

There are times however, that I don’t want a fully populated support structure. Unless I’m missing something, there is no way to create your own support system so what I end up doing is running it as per normal then erasing each and every point.


If there was a “erase” button I could erase all supports and then add back only where I want them.


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  1. Generate Selected
  2. Undo Support Generation
  3. Edit Selected
    and then add Support only where you want them.

Ole Vedel

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Thank you for that. :+1: This will be very helpful. I took your steps one step further and I think I like it even better.

  1. Click on “Supports” but don’t click on “Generate” rather, click on “Edit Supports” (you’re now starting with a blank canvas).
  2. Add the dots and click Apply

done. No need to generate and undo. I would not have thought of this without your help Ole

Also, if you want to erase all the points you can just move the model a bit and preform will do just that.

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