Edit Supports Missing

I seem to have lost the ability to manually edit supports. I’m using 1.8 on a Mac. When I click on Edit All, all I see is Apply and Cancel. I’ve been away from my printer for a few weeks, but I seem to remember this is where the support add/delete option was located. I re-installed 1.8 and am up to date on OS X. Did I miss something?

They changed it, just click to add a ball to the surface of the model. Click an existing ball to delete.

Thanks Josh. Took me a while to figure out what you meant since you have to blow the object up a lot to the the little balls (I was still trying to click on the supports the ‘old’ way). I’m not sure I understand the value of this new process but I suppose there was an argument for it, maybe easier to use with complex geometries? I suppose now that I understand it, will get use to it.

I will say however I think I like the new support structures, they seem to be easier to remove and although the rafts are bigger (ugh) they do seem to be easier to get off the build platform.

Thx again