How to edit multiple supports at once in Preform

After the supports are automatically generated in Preform, some places are highlighted with red spots and then I manually add / change the supports. But the problem is that I’d like to change all supports in the red zone at once, and not one by one, as the program does … I.e. when I edit one support, the program stops showing red zones and starts recalculate, and at this time I can’t edit other supports from the red zones. And since there can be 50± supports in the red zone, it takes a lot of time to calculate them one by one. It is much better to make changes to all the supports of the red zones at once, and then let the program calculate as much as necessary)) Perhaps there is some option in the program to do this, but I just can’t find it … I tried to press different buttons (CTRL ALT SHIFT… .) - it does not work…

I have not tried, but there is the “select” box, where you hold down a button, move the mouse and a rectable appears, allowing you to select multiple objects. Not certain if that works in support edit mode.

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Yep, there are two tools that might help here.

You can draw a selection box around a bunch of supports at once and delete them. Of course you still have to place any new ones individually.

Also you can toggle off Printability (on the right hand side) which will really speed up support editing for large, complex models. Turn it off, do all your support editing, then turn it back on when you want to inspect the red shading.

I don’t know of any way to keep the previously calculated shading present when Printability is turned off (maybe take a screenshot to assist you in remembering where you need to place new ones?).

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Thank you - it works.