Pouring out unused resin

One of our prints failed and has left a lot of granular cured bits of resin and thin chips in the resin tank.

I have to empty this tank and start with a new fill of resin.

My question is, will the Form2 recognize that the tank is empty now and refill or is does it track the usage of resin based on how many print have been completed and thus I will have to refill the tank manually.

Thanks in advance.

No, don’t throw away the used resin. Filter it through a fine mesh paint filter. You can buy these at most big box stores. Put the filter into the top of a 12 or 16 oz. plastic cup. The type and size the use for beer. Slowly pour the resin in and let ti totally filter through. Clean the tank of an excess by using a plastic 2" wide putty knife to push it down towards the inflow lip and into the cup.
When done filtering just remove the filter and put in the sun to cure then throw away. The resin in the cup should be poured back into the resin tank and go on from there. I had this issue and I’ve been doing perfect prints since filtering the resin.

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Walter’s advice on filtering resin is spot-on. If you want to see pictures, we’ve got a support article on filtering resin.

To answer your original question, the machine actively senses the resin level in the tank – if you were to pour the resin out, it would detect that the tank is empty and refill it.

Awesome! Thanks for the assistance!

Printer is all good and up and running again.

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