Post Processed Print, RTV Molded, Raw Casting, Polished Silver

This is my first commercial project with the Form1, pretty pleased with the results.


Amazing detailed! Hope you’ve made lot of money from that!

Awesome final piece-- so shiny!

Do you have any pictures of the in between steps? Do you have to cut and solder the rings to link them? Were you able to just bend the U pieces into place?

I’m curious what clearances you used in the moving parts of the 3D modeled version and how that translated to the movement of the final piece in silver.

Looks great Jesse, well done.

Hi Jason, excuse the late reply. The “U” part of the design was bent into place there has been no soldiering. For clearance I initially used about 0.1 to 0.2mm but I had problems with the hole deforming so I just created a little pilot hole in the middle and removed the material with a ball bur to get a nice clean hole.

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How did you polished the metal so good? Did you used a tumbler?

Wow, amazing, bueatuful work!

I would love to learn more about the process.