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Possible to have « finger print » détails visible?


I made a 3d model of a stamp with a « finger print » drawn on it. Do you think it will be visible with a form 2? :nerd_face:

To scale? Probably not. You need a 500DPI resolution to effectively scan a fingerprint, so the same would be required to print it. 500 DPI is 0.002" feature size. 0.002" feature size is 51 microns. The printer’s resolution is somewhere around 150 microns. So you’d need to scale up the model by 3x minimum to be able to resolve any details in the print.

But I saw that the form 2 is able to print at 25 microns?

The precision of the positioning of the laser dot is ±25 micron. The dot is something like 125um on the 2 and 80um on the 3 and 3L. So the smallest positive (sticking out) detail would be 125um or 80um. Well above the 51um posited above for finger prints. The smallest negative detail would be about 50um (2 positive features with 25um either side).

You’d be better off with something like the Phrozen Sonic Mega 8K at 42um (I think; ±21um), or even better, Phrozen Sonic Mini 4K (35um ±17.5um) or Sonic Mini 8K (22um ±11um). Because of the technology these printers use, they are theoretically capable of doing positive or negative details at their specified resolution, though your resin may be a limiting factor.

You are right, this picture is from the « Sonic Mini 8K », and for the finger print there is no doubt, if you zoom in you see clearly amazing details! :face_with_monocle:
So I listen to your clever advice, I bought a « Mega 8K », and I’m thinking to buy a « Mini » too but I hesitate between the 4K and 8K… (4K ready to ship, 8K in january)

When you said « Phrozen Sonic Mini 4K (35um ±17.5um) », what do you mean exactly, the resolution is not fixed on 35um?