PLA Resin

Sounds promising! I think I will have to check out a bottle of it:

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Very interesting indeed. :grinning:

We’ll have to keep an eye on that. The issue with a lot of other resins is that they don’t necessarily work with the material presets as well as the Formlabs resin so you may not get as detailed prints. Also, some resins wear down the coating of the tray faster making them cloudy and causing you to have to replace the tray more often.

I’m aware of that - like I said might have to check a bottle out - I didn’t say I was ordering a case of it!


That is awesome! I think I am going to give a bottle a try.

is it available yet? i cant find a link

While the resin tank is clearly aftermarket (and it would be interesting to find out where it came from), it’s definitely a Form1 printer pictured in the image in this news story. So this resin must be usable on a FormLabs printer! I was thinking of trying a sample myself.

The vat looks like an original version from a Form 1 and from the looks of the silicone, it is well used. Way back from the kickstarter days. The silver build platform holder also indicates it is an older machine. I can’t figure out why the Z axis is not at the home position. It has never stopped there on its own unless it was mid print after a failure or they ran out of resin and they kept printing. Then swapped out the build platform to take a picture The vat is rather empty for just finishing the print in the picture.

Strange but promising.

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Muito curioso espero que seja bem acessível essa resina precisamos de uma revolução nas resina essa me parece no caminho certo! E esperamos que a Formlabs evolua esse questão das resinas e baixando o custo.

Let us know how it goes with that resin!

Just sent them am e-mail on the availability and cost of their resin . Will let you know .

Ok, got a reply a few weeks ago. you can order samples from them 250ml $60 500ml $100 and 1000ml $150. Shipping is included with the price and if you use paypal they add a paypal fee…$6.90 on the 500ml.
Im going to order some of their resin soon to test it out. I will post after trials.

Are you ordering through them or another supplier?

They said that I could order thru them.

I sent them an e-mail today asking that they send me a paypal request for payment and im waiting for a reply.

I made contact with them thru this e-mail. xf <

Hope this helps.

Thank you. I will reach out to them.

I’ll be getting a sample from the USA distributor. They are still working on getting a reasonably priced shipping method.

I’ll report back with what I find in a few days or so.

That is great news. May I ask who the USA distributer is. $50.- for shipping from China made me think twice. I will wait until I can get it at a reasonable price.

That might not be a Form1 (+). There was some knock-offs from Asia when the Form1 was released, even had a similar start up screen.

I doubt that the machine on their site is a Form 1+. That said the two machines are close enough to give this material a try.

It will be interesting to see what the pricing is once they get this material into the US.

I got a sample of this resin and it’s good and bad. I think the resin quality is good but I was unable to print without overcuring the material. We’ll see if they can come up with a Form1/2 specific resin.

I do think this resin would work well with a DLP style printer.