Periodicaly problems during print

Hello everyone. We have a problem with our Form 2 printer.
Periodicaly prints goes out partially defected. Some models have blur and peeling.
Printer software and PreForm last versions, mirror glass and resin tank is clean, we using grey v4 resin and TankLT (both are new and clean without any dust or debris). We print hollow models in STL format, using mini rafts with 1mm thickness, 4mm height and 0.5mm touchpoint size(Models not falls off from building platform).
We checked whole printer, cleaned it all, replaced rezin tank, material and still getting thos poor prints periodicaly.

There are models from last print.

And these 2 models from previous print that was printed well. both prints used same material, and same print settings but result is different.
Does anybody has same problem, are there any solutions?


Have you also performed a clean to the Galvo Mirrors? Or only to the large mirror?

Only large mirror. Also found 1 thing, when i print models inclined they goes out perfectly. Can’t say that the problem solved, because when models printed horizontally or vertically toward build platform, they can be defective.

Hey @Andrei95,

Thanks for your reply.
I will go on cleaning the Galvo mirrors as well. If you already opened the machine, I assume you are familiar with the plastic cover that was removed in order to reach to the large mirror. Do you got the instructions of how to clean that Galvo mirror from the support?

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