Peopoly Moai FEP vat for Form-1+ printer

Vinicious helped me with it, and I can confirm it works:


Thanks for sharing!

Im actually thinking of picking up a Form 1+ now for this very reason. I really hate how wasteful our vats are for the Form 2.

Did you need to modify it in any way? Or did it just fit?

It fits. Moai vats are the same as Form1 vats.

However, the height is different, so you need to make a user.ini file on the root of the internal SD card, and tell it -4.5mm for Z.

I’m interested in giving this a go.

What parts do i need to order.
I get that I need the FEP vat and probably extra sheets of FEP.
I can see that the Acrylic Tensioner comes with the vat as well on the Peopoly order page…
But what about the Acrylic Plate. Is it a part of the vat assembly and included as well?