Peel Before Abort

Hey Guys, I had to abort a large flexible print this morning, halfway through a layer build (within the first few layers).
I expected the abort function to either:

  1. Wait until after the next peel process, then abort
  2. Stop the laser, and begin the peel process first, before aborting

Instead, the machine began trying to lift the built platform straight up, with no careful peel action whatsoever!:scream:
The stepper motors began maxing out and shuddering, and it took a scary long time until the build platform finally separated from the tank. :sweat:

Is this really how the abort function works, to just stop everything instantly and try to lift the build platform, no matter how well adhered it is to the tank at the time?!



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Thought mine did the peel before lifting but I haven’t had that issue lately. What version firmware do you have in the machine? By that I mean, is it the latest? You might want to contact Support on this as that is definitely a system issue.

Hey Walter,

I have the 20th October firmware… I believe it’s the latest. I’ll get in touch with support.

It is. The scary sounds don’t damage the printer. What it is doing is falling back to a peel that should detach anything. In principal it could do the peel cycle for that layer, but if you are aborting, perhaps something went wrong in which case that peel cycle wouldn’t work.

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Formlabs seem to assume that the only reason someone would abort, is because of a failure.
I aborted because I needed to make a design change, and didn’t want to wait 8 hours!

It seems not because when you abort because you detect a print failure before the end of the print, it is not possible to flag it as a failed print in the dashboard.