Pause at a specific layer

I want to pause at a certain moment. Can my Form2 pause at a layer given from the begin?

You can’t schedule a pause but you can always pause the printer during a print. If you’re thinking of pausing so you can put something inside the print, you won’t be able to since it only allows you to pause and not move the platform so you can access the print.

Neat idea! Since this isn’t a current feature or function on the Form 1+ or Form 2, I’m going to move the idea to the feature requests section. That’s a great place for the Formlabs team and users to discuss potential new and improved features.

Those that have a Form 1+ can insert a pause at a specific layer using our recently released OpenFL. One of the examples in that post used this pause functionality to embed a sheet of carbon fiber in a part.

Several people have expressed interest in extending OpenFL to the Form 2, so it’s something we’ll certainly keep in mind. What are you looking to do with the pause feature?

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As you say, I want to place a piece of carbon fiber in my prints.

I’d use it for metal inserts like a nut so I could have metal on metal instead of metal on resin.

Pair it with the Form 2’s ability to send an eMail or an SMS to your phone whenever it finishes a print and modify the message to be sent whenever it reaches a predefined Stop Layer for you to insert whatever needs to be inserted and we’d be golden =)

Maybe also implement a feature that asks you to check the progress after each Stop Layer continue for the next 5 or so layers to see if everything is still where it should be allowing you to cancel a print if this is not the case.

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