Be able to program a pause in the print and set starting height to do embeded parts and multi material

I would like to get a feature where you can pause prints and start from partial parts so we could embed parts in a print and do multi material. Just saw this video and I am a bit disapointed I cant do the same with a similar printer.


Now that is cool!

I think the Form2 is better suited to the process of multi-material printing but it should be do-able on the Form 1 with the ability to pause and raise the build tray so the vat can be swapped out. I wouldn’t move the build platform on the mount as getting it secured in the exact same spot would be almost impossible.


It’s interesting, but really impractical

I would like to see this option as well. I have a few projects where printing on the form 2 would be perfect but have to print on one of my FDM printers as I need to use a pause function.

The duel colour thing I think could work on the From 2 but clearly there would be some colour transfer/mixing of resins…

as shown in the video, to do mutimaterial he attach a cured part to a clean platform and then print the other material, thre is no resin mixing…

I would like a pause feature based on layer to add metal threaded inserts or nuts.

This is routine for FDM printers, and is useful. But for resin printing Gravity is a problem - the inserted item would fall out, since the print hangs down in resin printing rather than building up like FDM. No?

This could be a useful feature if the control is at the Preform level. For instance, it would be nice to drag through the print preview to find the layer to pause on, and have the Form 2 stop there automatically. On my FDM printer, I have to watch it and wait for the right moment to pause.

Gravity wouldn’t concern me too much, as I could always model in a very small flange to hold the part, if necessary. I’m just not familiar enough with the Form 2 yet to know if the build platform is going to end up in the exact same place every time.

Great idea

I would model a slight interference fit to hold the insert while the print finished.

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