Parts suddenly impossible to remove from platform and rough layers

This is the first time since the latest firmware that I am printing parts in black V2 and suddenly they are extremely difficult to remove from the platform. I checked the Z-height and the settings was still OK.

Also the layer lines are much more rough than normal. The PDMS of the tray still looks very good.

Also, whatever material I print, it looks like the beginning and end of a circle doesn’t connect. It’s the same as what you see when machining aluminum when there is backlash on one of the axis.

Anyone got an idea?

Can you get in touch with our support team so that we can help to troubleshoot? If there is an issue with the latest firmware, this helps us to track us internally. Otherwise, we can help to correct any issues with your machine specifically. Including PreForm and Firmware versions in your ticket is a big help and speeds things up a bit.

@fantasy2 - What you’re experiencing sounds a bit strange - what do you mean exactly when you say “remove from the platform” - are you
a) removing entire print - part and connected support raft - in one from the build platform?
b) having difficulty removing the part from the support raft - before you remove the support raft from the platform?
c) removing the part from the supports first - and then experiencing difficulty removing the support raft from the platform?
d) something else …

In the case of c ignore this post - that’s just weird …
d please explain …
a or b - it may be that like me you are having difficulties with recent versions of FL software causing overcuring. In the case of a are you also having difficulty removing the part from the supports?

Do you have earlier versions of Preform and Firmware you can revert to - to confirm whether it’s software related?

I have had issues with over-curing in Clear V2 since Prefrom 2.10 and just before that there were similar issues with a Firmware release.

Over-cured parts are swollen - ie outside dimensions larger, holes smaller - and support contact points are really tough - making it very hard to remove the part from the support struts - and also making the whole structure much, much more rigid - which might explain your experience in the case of a)

Currently I’m running Preform 2.9.1 and firmware 1.10 since that gives me the “correct” results. If you don’t have old versions of preform and firmware and want to try downgrading - here are links to the versions I’m using currently.

Preform 2.9.1
Firmware 1.10.4

Thanks, just did that.

With that I mean removing the entire print: part + structure from the platform in one piece. This was never an issue with any resin. They would just pop off.

I literally have to remove the part from the supports and then try to cut away the supports from the platform. This is almost hammer and chisel work. It seems to be suddenly over-curing with the latest firmware. You can see very clear and rough lines on the part.

A few firmwares ago I had my Z-height to 0, then suddenly had to set it to 0.6 and now parts are stuck again.

I’m not sure if removing the part from the supports is more difficult, but pulling off 0.4mm supports do leave small pits what I can’t recall to have seen in the past.

I was very careful updating the firmware due to issues other people observed in the past(I run my machine a lot and can’t afford it to work unreliable).

Thanks for the firmware!! I’m going to downgrade my machine and software and stop updating my machine for now.

@fantasy2 You’re welcome - please report back on whether the downgrade of Preform and Firmware makes a difference or not?

Note my current issue seems to be with Preform rather than the Firmware - but then I think Preform 2.9.1 requires an earlier Firmware to go with it - I’m not 100% sure, it was before xmas when I looked at it last … In any case that combo works perfectly for me.

I’ve had this happen recently too, but don’t know the precise cause. For a few prints in a row, I used an actual hammer and chisel to remove prints in tough v3, white and grey (after hundreds of prints that just popped off the platform). It seemed to happen overnight.

I wonder if it might be environmental? High humidity?

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