Parts printed "shorter" than should be, why?

Hi Everyone,

I’m a Form 2 user, and I have always found that when I orient a part vertically, it always prints out a little bit shorter than the same part which is oriented horizontally, which I believe has the right and theoretical height. My parts do not need any support as they have cubic shapes and can be printed directly on the building platform.

Anyone ever noticed this happening?



That’s expected when you print directly on the base, due to early layer compression. You can compensate for it in the design of your part or in Preform (generate a no-rafts base of a given thickness, and remove any support it adds).



@rkagerer is correct that a little bit of compression is to be expected when printing directly on the build platform. To avoid this issue, we recommend adding a raft and supports to your model in PreForm. This will raise your part off of the build platform and help minimize compression. Additionally, it is possible to adjust build plate compression by fine-tuning your printer’s settings. For more information, be sure to check out this support article!

However, if you are observing compression throughout your parts, the issue may be with your printer’s optics. If so, I would recommend reaching out to our support team! They’ll be more than happy to take a closer look and figure out what might be going on.

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