Painting or Dyeing Flexible Resin

I have a just finished printing some bellows using Flexible v1.

Is there a way to die this or paint it so that it doesn’t crack when flexing it?

I’d be surprised if the surface was porous enough to soak up some dye. And if it isn’t porous enough you’d need a solvent based dye and FL help to figure it out. But there’s no harm in trying some Rit Dye to see what happens. If that doesn’t work, you might take a look at painting it with Plasti Dip spray paint. It might go on a bit thicker than you want, but it’s basically latex rubber in a spray can, it remains very flexible after it’s dry.

Try alcohol based inks from a craft store.

Any color will probably work with Flexible v1. Metallic colors might work with Flexible v2 – I’m going to give that a try!

Did you try the alcohol based inks with the Flexible? I would be very interested in knowing the out come of using the inks. I just started using the Flexible V2.

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