Elastic Resin V1 Broke

Hi All…I wanted to see what you all thought about what caused this issue. This is a part I printed with Elastic Resin V1 (I ordered the Elastic 50A…so I assume its the same stuff). I then went through the full post-process stuff (wash/cure). Then i put it in 5% black RIT dye solution with 99% alcohol overnight to dye it black. Then put it back in the Form Cure for 5 minutes. Then picked it up and it cracked. Do you think it was the 99% alcohol overnight that did this. Maybe I’ll try it for an hour or two instead of overnight if you all think that’s what happened? I wouldn’t think the extra 5 minutes in the Form Cure would do it?

Also forgot to mention…I put it in the freezer for an hour or so, so that I could sand it, then dyed it with the black dye. thanks.

Yes, I think it’s probably the overnight alcohol that swelled and softened the part until it was easy to crack. I’d recommend trying shorter soaks with drying time in between to keep the part from soaking up too much alcohol, if you need more than one short soak to get the color you want with the dye.

You could also try a higher concentration of dye in the alcohol solution to see if that helps.

Very helpful…thanks!

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