How can i change colour of FLEX resin?

How can i change colour of FLEX resin?
I need black FLEX resin for my projects.
Do anyone knows how i can colour it to black?

Have you tried dying it with the MakerJuice pigments?

Hi Diana, I just learned that you should be able to soak the finished prints in a dye (for example RIT fabric dye) to be able to change the color. This works especially well for the flexible resin.


I’ve had good luck with using a powered RIT dye, then dissolving it in IPA [liquid dye doesn’t work, it will separate]. The prints will absorb the dyed IPA after a few minutes of soaking and then when you remove the dyed parts and let them dry they’ll retain the color. The only issue is the part will sort of leech die on to your fingers if you continue handling. For general purpose resin you can coat it with an acrylic spray to prevent this. There might be a way to coat flex too - it’ll certainly give you the look - just depends how you intend to use it.

Do the pigments from Smooth-On work? They are really potent and made for plastic resins.
I am guesssing you will have to fiddle with the exposure settings (choose different color setting) to compensate for the color change?

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