OverIPA'd parts


Last night we forgot to remove some HT resin printed parts in the IPA bath, for about 8h in total they were dipped in the IPA.

After removing them and let them dry air, they look fine, but Im concerned: should we really discard them? Should we try to slight UV cure them, over UV cure them, or won’t matter at all?

Since they’re meant to be “functional” parts, I’m concerned on “liability” of them… Any hints?


If you’re in a professional setting it all boils down to cost. What is the cost of the printed parts, what are the cost associated with an eventual failure, and what are the cost of having to wait one more day to print new parts.

Most of the time, if a 24h delay isn’t an issue, it’s better to re-print the part. I would still let the older parts dry and then cure them just for the sake of testing.

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i guess there is a risk that it can ruine the properties. best thing to do is let it dry for a very long time ~1-2 days and then cure it

Personal experience point of view: 8 hours is certainly more than ideal, but I’ve done the same (probably closer to 18 hours) with HT parts that were later used for vacuum forming without any issue. Our resins will swell and soften in IPA over long periods so you should let the parts air dry in a warm environment with some airflow for at least a few hours. Postcure normally after this if parts are still physically in spec.

Professional integrity point of view: I agree with @JohnHue. You be the judge and decide if you need 100% HT resin properties for this part to function safely. If you’re worried about it and cost is not an issue, reprint, time the wash more carefully, and let the original piece dry and keep it for duplicates.

Edit: unclear to tell from your original post, but HT resin requires a postcure to achieve the advertised final properties.


Yeah actually the shape is perfect and i can’t see any eroded corners or details, even the thin support seems fine… I’ve cured them for a while and will test a couple in the coming days… I was panicking because i’ve seen a grey resin oversoaked that was consumed by the IPA in just 8h to a deteriorated unusable state…