Other resins (forecast 3d)

So the company i work for may want to use forecast 3d for manufacturing of parts, we’re curious if anyone knows if some of the following materials work with the form 1 so that we may try out a few designs prior to dealing with the company…so any idea if these resins work with the form1?



I was told by DSM that these materials would not work in the from 1+ because the material was made for a 385 nm laser and the form 1+ has a 405 nm laser

That is sort of true but not completely. The resin will cure fine, because the 405nm laser can cure anything up to 405nm. The problem would be that the resin would probably overcure and there is no easy way to control that, except by adding more pigment/blockers.

I am just starting out here. Please explain why overcure is bad. Does this make the item brittle?

This is 1 big reason I am getting into this. Many people I know of use Shapeways F U D which is brittle. I am hoping to steer people any from Shapeways to ME! (:->)

No. When I say it “overcures”, it means the light cures past the layer thickness too much and in turn cures resin it shouldn’t cure, therefore you get blurred details, thicker lines, closed up holes and openings, etc.

This is why the resin has to be formulated correctly for the light source and the software needs to know exactly how much to cure each layer to prevent this for happening. If all goes well you get really sharp details and good surface quality.