Order still processing?

Hey y’all,

I made the form 3 order about a month ago and the order is still says processing. Is this normal? I haven’t seen this before. I also contacted them asking whats up but got no answer. Anyone else having this?


The Form 3 is in the process of shipping preorders, and they’re 2-3 months behind. You should have seen an estimated ship date when you ordered. If you ordered a month ago then it’s probably another couple of months before it will ship.

Ah thanks for the heads up. I knew it would take awhile but I didnt know they were that beheind. It thought it would process and then give an estimate after a day or two. Also neither the email or PDF mentioned an eta. Just the order

On the store listing page there’s a lead time

Customers who ordered in June are reporting they are receiving November estimated ship dates (click here for other discussion).

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