Option to change rotate type-in between object and world

Unless I’m missing an option, the current type-in rotation boxes are object relative and not world relative.

I would like the option for the rotation parameters to be world relative.  It’s very frustrating to get a model oriented properly with the type-in fields because the axis all change once you change one.  I’ve resorted to orienting the part in my modeling software first, then just adding supports in PreForm.  It would help to not have to mess up the orientation of the model in the modeling software.

As an update to this, I’m actually not sure what the rotation is relative to.  I tried a model this evening and somehow I got the X and Y axis type-ins to change the same axis.  Not sure if it’s just a bug or what.

It looks like one axis is acting like world and the other one object. Here is a few screenshots to explain the weirdness:

It would be good to have both options, local and global rotations.