Opening the Formlabs Log File

Hey all,

Out of curiosity, has anyone managed to crack the .FORMLOGS file to view the logs yourself?

I find it extremely annoying and unfair that I need to contact Formlabs support just to see whats going on with my printer. I’m in Australia so the time-zone differences means that it takes literal days for a problem to even be found let alone resolved.

We are currently on a pretty tight time crunch and our prints are beginning to fail more consistently with varying resins. Would love to know what is going on with the printer at a quick glance rather than having to open a support ticket.

Cheers all! :blush:

I’ve piddled around with the problem a little but. Have not determined the file type.

Yea neither :frowning:

I can’t tell if its a compressed file or an encrypted file. I’ve tried treating it like a .txt, .zip, and .rar with no success. Hoping someone out there can help out! :stuck_out_tongue:

Linux/unix has an automatic file type detecting command, called “file”. I think I tried that once, and it could not determine the type. Probably it’s a standard compressed/encrypted file format but the header has been made proprietary.

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