Open Button on screen

Please can we have an open button on the preform screen , i find it annoying having to push either control + O or File / open to find my files to import

can we have an open or Import button visible so its a quick click


I know it’s not quite the solution you’re looking for, but…

Can’t you just double click on a file outside of PreForm? It’ll open in PreForm straight away (if the format you’re opening is associated with PreForm). Even if PreForm is already open.

Not if .STL files are already associated with other programs
then you have to go to open with…

and if you have multiple files from multiple folders to insert you would be back and forth in Windows

But you’d have to do back and forth in preform as well, no ? If speed is the issue here, CTRL+O is the fastest route anyway.

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I’m a lazy clicker, two is one too many, have to use two hands to use the keyboard hotkeys

Too much effort, give me one click !!!

A lot of software has a visible import button