One side good other side bad?

Hey all, I’m seeing this issue many times with my prints. Basically one side looks pretty good, whilst the other has detail distortion. I printed a head which has the same issue. Will post pics of that later on. Any ideas? Theorys?

Edward - have you had the same result in different areas of the build platform?


Hi Jory, I will do a test for that next week. Here are images of the distortion on the head (by Will Millar). left image shows the more warped surface area, right side isn’t so bad. A friend of mine printed this exact file and his looked fine.

Here is what the preform setup looks like. Guns are not the same one as in image but was set up the same position.

I sometimes experience the results you are getting. Have you tried rotating your guns 90 degrees? I know you can not really support them better to preserve the side / surface detail.
The head, I assume is hollow based on the supports I can see in your model. I would add supports on the interior surface and try again (a lot of them so they grow from the raft into the model). It should help.

I am not sure your surface issues are a vat, resin, mirror, laser problem because different models positioned on different areas of the vat have finish problems on different faces.

I would give your mirrors a close look just to be sure. I have to clean my mirrors, they are very dusty.


The support side will have some lower quality because of the supports. The one side that is bad is from a dirty light path in conjunction with a possible laser flare. I have a laser flare on mine but after having the machine serviced and a new tank it prints amazingly great. Check the tank, mirror and galvos. Very possible there is some haze in the path of the laser causing that.

Thanks for the replys guys. I think it could well be an issue with the laser. I’m going to do a flare test when I get the time. Hopefully it is just a case of cleaning the mirrors.
Do you clean the galvos and the main mirror? Is it just a case of slow wipe with a dry pecpad?

You should take a look at our mirror cleaning instructions here:

The mirrors in the Form 1+ are “first surface” mirrors, meaning there is no protective glass on them. Special care is required for cleaning. If you are still experiencing issues after cleaning the large mirror, send us a note and we can advise on cleaning the galvo mirrors.


So I checked the main mirror, looks ok to me. A few bits of dust, but I doubt that would affect the print.

What I did then was put the resin tray and build platform in our second Form 1+ and got pretty much exactly the same result!

So could it just be an issue with the head setup? Or a bad resin tank? I think I need to do one more test with a different orientation. Though will need to be the last as I don’t want to waist resin.

@Edward_Peretti, Knowing that, did you take the other vat and try it in this printer? Maybe you just have a bum vat.

Have you tried re-orienting the parts to test as well?

Yeah I think it is to do with the vat. I have had to carefully scrape the pigment off the bottom when it settles. I have rounded off the corners of the scraper so it doesn’t scratch, though it could still disturb the silicone somehow. Also I haven’t filtered the resin in a while and noticed it has congealed bits, so will give this a try and re-print.

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