Oily silicone after cure

Hi All

i`m facing a problem with silicone rubber ( chaina product )

after my silicone cure it produce someting like oil touch on the silicone if i wipe it, it comes again after a while

and here my problem comes
when i pour silicone on the mold
that i maked from
that silicone
that gaves me the oily touch
it mix with the silicone and not let the silicone cure fully

how i can stop this

first i thought the release agent was the problem

i try it without release agent and same problem

i said maybe the problem is the color i used

i tried again with out color and release agent

and same problem - silicone not cure ( just the first 1mm

Then i noticed that the oily liquid on the silicone(mold) was the reason

any idea ??

you know if you pour silicone on the mold and not cure it is mean you lose the mold you i can not clean it

A silicone cast and in the shape of…an…appendage?

Firstly, this isn’t a mold making or mold casting forum. Try the Smooth-on forums, no pun intended.

I’d also suggest removing those images, I’m sure I’m not the only adult here who uses their Form2 with their kids and as such, reads through these threads with them as well.