Any help with silicone mold

Hello All

I wish a good day for you all :slight_smile:

i`m new on all this things silicone and molds

i read too much about the thing i want and can`t find the answer

it just about how i make the concave shape that the one stick on wall

for example if i have a cylinder shape

and i poured the silicone on it

is it will make the concave shape after cure??

or must i heat the silicone ten pour to mold??

is there a different if i poured the silicone on the mold


(not full mold 90% OR full mold with silicone 100%)
i mean by a different
90%=give concave shape
100%=not give concave shape


Can you upload pictures? Your message isn’t really clear.

Also, and I don’t mean this in a rude way at all, but only with the intent to be helpful. If your first language isn’t English, you could also type your question in another language…some of us will use Google Translate to help other forum users.

There was also another post today about making silicone molds…what are you trying to make? What is the finished product?

Are you trying to get the silicone to form a SUCTION CUP?

That’s what it sounded like to me…or maybe a non-Formlabs user with moldmaking questions?

The typical workflow is this:

Make a finished “master” part from the 3d printer.

Mount the part into a Mold Frame

Then pour the silicone into the frame.
When pouring the silicone it is sometimes better to do it in layers as to create parting lines. This is usually easier to work with and safer than trying to cut a mold apart to extract the part and create the cavity.

So if your trying to make a suction cup for example. You would print a hard plastic version “master” then make a mold of it.
With that mold you would use a wax based mold release and pour the final rubber into the mold cavity making a rubber final.

There are a lot of tutorials on this website to get you started.