Non-uniform scaling


I’d like to have the ability to do non-uniform scaling in preform in case I need to compensate to improve accuracy. This is more important currently because the Form 3 seems to need some compensation, whereas the Form 2 is fine.


In this previous post,
Scale individual axis without locking the other axis, please
it is indicated that preform would be too complicated to use if this function would be added … (I dream?)

It is also indicated that it is enough to modify the scale in a CAD drawing program … yes if you have done the drawing yourself, but that must print files already in STL format I don’t want to complicate my life with another intermediate program !!!

FYI: with CURA that I use with my ultimaker 3, this scale function has been around for a long time




Are the inaccuracies you’re seeing fairly consistent (i.e. printer X is producing models 3% too wide along X) or are they mostly geometry-dependent?

I wonder whether an X/Y/Z Fine Tuning adjustment on the printer itself might be a more suitable place for this (related thread).


I highly doubt it would be too complicated as long as they don’t allow scaling after support generation (ie. non-uniform scaling would only be allowed prior to support generation).


@rkagerer it’ seems mostly geometry dependent, but at least the inaccuracies are repeatable (I’m sure the Form 2 exhibits this to some degree as well). When I do see it, it’s usually oversized by a small percentage.

Based on what I’ve seen, a hardware XYZ fine tuning wouldn’t necessarily solve the problem. That being said, I’ve only done a little bit of test prints here and definitely not nearly enough to say with confidence that what I was seeing is a constant problem. There’s also lots of firmware updates being pushed out repeatedly as you know so it’s hard to gauge and keep track of the issue.